Primitive Tribes in the World

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The world is rapidly developing by the minute. Technology is taking over people’s lives, structures are getting more and more high-tech, and even kids are already very adept in almost all typed of gadgets imaginable. There is no doubt that our lives are moving faster than ever, and we are on our way to endless possibilities.

Human beings, however, sometimes forget about their roots. Our ancestors obviously never had most of the basic necessities we use today, but their resourcefulness has undoubtedly gave them everything they needed to life full and accomplished lives. Looking back and finding out about one’s roots pose a reminder of how human beings have evolved and got to where we are now—before cellular phones, laptop computers, and remote-controlled everything, there were only two things: man and nature.

Below are different primitive tribes in the world that defined the old methods of survival:

Yali Tribe – Papua New Guinea

The Yali Tribe of Papua New Guinea is known for its cannibalistic practice. They are pygmy people living in the highlands who have been discovered in the late 1970s. They live in the New Guinea island of the Irian Jaya, and their hunting tools are the bow and arrow and axes made of stone. They are an intimidating group of people who get respect from different tribes, because they have their enemies for dinner. It’s been said that after eating the person’s body, they turn the bones to dust and scatter them in the valleys. Even if they are one of the last remaining cannibalistic tribes on earth, the Yali people are a kind bunch, and people who visit their tribe always get a warm treatment.

Yahgan Indians – South America

The last remaining full-blooded member of the Yahgan tribe has died many years ago, but their history is still very much alive. These inhabitants of the islands of Cape Horn and the Tierra del Fuego are known to be the experts in staying in cold climates—they did not wear any clothes even if they live under extreme cold. Imagine living under a freezing temperature and having no clothes on! They used animal grease and nestle themselves in front of fires to keep themselves warm. Although there are still more or less 2,000 surviving members of the tribe today, none of them are considered as full-blooded Yahgans.

Tasaday – Philippines

The Tasaday people from Mindanao, Philippines are indigenous people who have used Stone Age practices for hundreds of years. They are cave-dwellers who once believed that they are the only people on earth, and did not know anything about agriculture—they just picked their food from trees, crops, and ponds. There have been controversies about them, one of which saying that they were a hoax. An expert professor on the subject, however, proved that they were real people who have indeed been around for centuries. There are still debates on the present existence of tribe members, but since they have spent centuries undisturbed, it will be no surprise if they’re still living their simple lives in faraway forests.

Jivaro Indians in South America

Also called a forest man, the Jivaro Indians live in the jungles of the upper part of the Amazon and known for their bizarre religious practice of shrinking the heads of their enemies or those who violated the moral codes. Some thought that headshrinkers are not real, but it was proven by this primitive tribe. Now grab your pen and paper if you want to learn how to shrink heads. First thing they do is remove the skull bones and then sew back the skin before heating it up. After the head shrunk, the forest man would hang that shrunken head around his neck like wearing a bling.

Ilongots in Southern Asia

I never thought love can be morbid, but that is how the Ilongots prove their love to one another. The Ilongots are known to be a headhunting tribe in the Philippines and before a tribe man marries a woman they have to undergo a series of tests. First one is shooting an arrow through a small hole of the bamboo tube placed under the armpit of the girl he wants to marry. If he missed it, then he would be beheaded; but if he does that successfully, he would have to continue with the next test which is to start head hunting and show a freshly cut human head. If you think that ends all the morbidity, then you are wrong. Now that they are ready to get married, the couple would have to slice their index fingers as their vow of marriage.

Caribs/ Kalinago in South America

If you have seen the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, then you would have an idea of what the Caribs are like. In this movie, they portray these tribesmen as cannibals which became controversial since the ancestors deny that they are cannibals. According to them, a tribesman would chew the flesh of a brave warrior and then spit it out in the belief that they would acquire the warrior’s bravery. They also have a tradition of keeping their ancestor’s bones that’s why they were rumored to eat humans.


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