Iguaque National Park, Columbia

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This national park is home to the beautiful Lake Iguaque, a sacred place to the indigenous people Muisca. The Muisca legend tells that this lake is where mankind originated; that this is where the human race was born. According to Muisca legend, goddess Bachue rose up from the lake with a child in her arms. When the child grew, he had many children that populated the earth, which marked the beginning of humankind. By hiking at this Iguaque Flora and Fauna Sactuary, you will see why this ecological reserve is visited by lots of tourists each year.

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If you like to hike, this national park is definitely the place to do it. From town, you can reach this national park in about an hour. It’s likely that the three-hour hike will not make you exhausted, as there are so many wonderful things to see and feel along the way—the changing ecosystems, the unique plant and animal species, and the spectacular views will serve as great preludes to the lake.

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When you get to the lake, you would most likely understand why many have gone hiking or trekking here before. It is just so serene and stunning, and there is a sense of calm that is virtually difficult to experience in any other place. Many believe that visiting this lake could purify one’s spirit; a kind of soul-cleansing that will make each person one with the surrounding mystical nature.

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Coming from Villa de Leyva, you must make sure that you take the earliest bus (around 7 am) in order to have enough time for your trek to the lake. Also, once you’ve reached the lake, make sure that you don’t leave late, because it will be very difficult going back when it’s already dark (and the last bus leaves at around 5pm, so if you’re planning in catching this, make sure there’s light left for you).

source: by Federico Explorador from panoramio.com

Have you been to this side of Colombia? Or, are you planning on heading to this side of the world soon? This is definitely a place that you must consider visiting, especially if you’re fond of exploring natural treasure and impeccable scenery. Needless to say, you will not be disappointed.

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