Havana for First Timers

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This is one of the most popular Cuban tourism spots, but this is a place that you definitely must visit: the Plaza de la Revolucion. This is where so many political rallies took place, and where Fidel Castro used to address Cubans. This is home ti the Jose Marti Memorial (a tower and a statue), and opposite it is the famous Che Guevarra image that displays the slogan “‘Hasta la Victoria Siempre.”

Being in Old Havana will be a treat for all visitors. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so rest assured you’ll see some magnificent structures and landmarks here. Take a walk down the Malecon, an avenue that rund along the seawall; see the great fortresses of the San Salvador de la Punta, the La Cabaña, and the Castillo del Morrol; and the main square of trhe Plaza de Armas. Tourism in Havana is decorated by both structures and stunning architecture, but one of the best attractions you’ll get to experience here is the people. Aside from the great cultural background and all the interesting and vibrant sights and sounds that echo throughout all corners, one of the things that you should do here is to make friends with the locals. The Habaneros are a happy, accommodating bunch who’ll make sure that you have the vacation of a lifetime.

For those interested in street art, you’ll find a lot of good ones at the Callejon de Hammel in Centro Habana and Regla, where you can see impressive art created by both local and international artists, which includes respected British artist Banksy.

If you want to get a tan and enjoy a relaxed beach atmosphere, you can do so by going to the beaches of Playas del Este, where you’re sure to get to unwind after a busy day of exploring the town. Also, any trip to Cuba will not be complete without the great music and dancing. Experience Cuban rumba dance and music by exploring rumba spots in town such as the alley of Callejon de Hammel, a place where art and music dot the entire place. You can even chance upon a spontaneous rumba dance parties, where you can have the best time dancing with other visitors and friendly locals.

Cuba has been through both dark and colorful events that have shaped its people and culture. Scarred by its past and more, history has molded the whole country to be something that is nothing short of interesting—that’s why if this is your first time to visit the capital, you will be in for some of the most unique and interesting experiences, and no doubt lots of stories to take home!

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