Top Wine–Producing Destinations in the World

November 20 0 Comments

Wine Tasting Tours

If you are a real wine lover, before you continue to read this little guide related to top wine-producing destinations in the world, be sure to pack your bags, since once you’re done with reading, you will be craving for a hedonistic wine adventure all around the world. So, let’s see which of the places […]

How to Christmas Shop on a Budget

November 13 0 Comments

Christmas Shopping

When the end of the year comes and the stores and the trees start to glow and twinkle under the gorgeous Christmas decoration, most of the people besides sharing the common festive mood also share some same old worries. How to Christmas shop on a budget? Even though this question may sound pretty rhetorically, we […]

Traveling to Alacati

November 06 0 Comments

Alacati Hotels

With its impeccable scenery, including the narrow streets mostly ornamented with paving stones, comfy cafés, and wonderful turquoise waters splashing its coasts, the town of Alacati that was established in the 14th century is one of the places that should not be skipped if you are planning to have a vacation in the amazing Turkish […]

How to Make Friends while Traveling Alone

October 30 0 Comments

Making Friends while Traveling

No matter whether you have decided to travel alone because you prefer solo trips or the circumstances made you do that, at some point of your journey, you will probably want to interact with other people. Not all of the people are communicative and extrovert, but all of them enjoy company from time to time […]

Top Local Dances Around the World

October 19 0 Comments

Hawaii Hula Dance

Some of them will make you want to jump from your seat and move in the rhythm, and the others will make you observe them in disbelief. We present to you some of the local dances that have made their way to the global fame. Salsa Thanks to its simple foot movement, in the last […]

Popular and Delicious Foods Around the World

October 09 0 Comments

Japanese Sushi

People often choose their travel destination based on the local food’s quality and diversity – lately we’ve witnessed the expansion of the gourmet traveling. No matter if you are on a gourmet adventure, during your traveling experience, you’ll probably secretly wish to discover some perfectly tasty local meals that will deliciously melt in your mouth […]

Culture of Madrid

September 18 0 Comments

Madrid Hotels

If you are willing to breathe in the magnificent art works while having a large gulp of exquisite sangria, then you are more than welcome to experience the culture of Madrid, which isn’t only the capital of Spain, but also the heart of the continental area, as well as the shining diamond of culture, art […]

Expo Milano 2015

April 02 1 Comment

Get ready for the Expo Milan 2015! The Expo covers a health motto for the first time in its history. Expo is the abbreviation for “exposition”. Here, Expo refers to the Universal Exposition or International Exposition. (For example, Botanic Expo 2016 will take place at Antalya, Turkey.) Two cities applied for Expo 2015: Milan (Italy) and […]

Top 6 Destinations for Easter

March 25 0 Comments

Bunnies, eggs and trips. Are you ready to celebrate Easter? Check our list! Easter is also called Resurrection Sunday, because it is a festival (and also a holiday) to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The time of Easter is described in the New Testament as the third day after his crucifixion. The […]

The History and Traditions of Nowruz

March 18 0 Comments

O! how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day! William Shakespeare You might have heard or read it in many other different spellings and pronunciations like Nooroz and Nawroz. The word Nowruz is a compound word that blends together the Persian words “now” which means “new,” and “roz” which means […]

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