Things to Do in India

July 28 0 Comments

Udaipur India

Being one of the largest and one of the most populated countries, the exotic India represents home for some of the most beautiful hills and valleys, traditional villages, modern cities, and an impressive amount of incredibly diverse plants and animals, so there is no wonder that a large number of tourists all around the world […]

Tips for Beginner Backpackers

July 22 0 Comments


If you have no backpacking experience but you are more than willing to get some, your inexperience should not stop you from having this awesome adventure. That’s where we jump in to help! Read on to catch the most important advice list so that nothing can ruin your adventurous trip. Choose wisely your destination Those […]

Japanese Traditional Dress: Kimono

July 15 0 Comments

Japanese Kimono

Even though the modern era has influenced changes in the way Japanese people dress, kimono, the traditional Japanese dress, has remained an important part of their culture and you can still see them wearing kimonos on special occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and numerous other ceremonies. The Story of Kimono Kimonos started to have an […]

Bangkok Street Food Guide

July 08 0 Comments

Bangkok Street Food

Hungry in Bangkok? Are you kidding us? If there are places on Earth where you can find quality and cheap delicious meals literally everywhere, the net of the streets of Bangkok is definitely one of them, so don’t be sceptical or afraid to taste it – because you are going to love it! Read on […]

Famous Drinks and Their Birthplaces

June 28 0 Comments


Have you ever thought about where your favorite drink came from and how it was invented? In case you want to find out more about the beverage that quenches your thirst the best, we’re here to give you some interesting info. Get your favorite drink and read on! The Sidecar More than 100 years old, […]

Two Days in Porto

June 24 0 Comments

Douro River Porto

If you can’t stay longer than two days in this Portuguese paradise, you’d better make a good schedule, otherwise, you may miss some of the most precious sites of Porto, and believe us – there is a lot of them! Day One in Porto When you arrive at Porto, you should not miss the most […]

Top 5 Spa Hotels in the World

June 15 1 Comment

Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri

The best possible way for you to refill your energy supplies and refresh your body and soul is to treat yourself with some of the most incredible spa treatments. If you’re asking yourself where you can get them, have no worries. We’re here to present you top 5 spa hotels in the world, so check […]

Tips for Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

June 10 0 Comments

Tennis player

Once you arrive in Wimbledon, you have to be aware that the incredible tennis complex consisting of 19 courts is not the only impressive place that can be seen and admired in South-West London. Wimbledon offers a lot of sites that should be visited between the matches, so besides some useful info on how to […]

Things to Do for Free in New York City

June 03 0 Comments

New York Central Park

If you think that visiting New York City without a solid amount of money in your pocket may make it more difficult for you to experience the charms of this stunning city, you are probably right, having in mind that it is one of the most expensive places to be in the world. However, that […]

Summer 2016 Travel Destinations

May 27 0 Comments

Maui, Hawaii

Having the summertime running towards us, a lot of different places that could be the perfect destinations for the sunny vacations are waiting for us to explore them, so we won’t waste your time! We are showing you some of the most incredible beaches, and the most vibrant places all around the world, and it […]

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