Top 6 Destinations for Easter

March 25 0 Comments

Bunnies, eggs and trips. Are you ready to celebrate Easter? Check our list! Easter is also called Resurrection Sunday, because it is a festival (and also a holiday) to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The time of Easter is described in the New Testament as the third day after his crucifixion. The […]

The History and Traditions of Nowruz

March 18 0 Comments

O! how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day! William Shakespeare You might have heard or read it in many other different spellings and pronunciations like Nooroz and Nawroz. The word Nowruz is a compound word that blends together the Persian words “now” which means “new,” and “roz” which means […]

5 Berlin Clubs with Different Concepts

March 11 0 Comments

Berlin has a very vivid and youthful nightlife. Feel the fun at different clubs with different concepts. Berlin is the capital and the biggest city of Germany. It has many attractions for people of all ages. If you like nightlife and clubs, Berlin may be one of the best places for you! These clubs have many […]

6 Cities Around the World Where People Mostly Ride Bikes

February 26 1 Comment

Bikes are the healthiest and nature-friendly vehicles and they are also very amusing. We have a list of cities where people mostly ride bikes. Riding a bike at the city cares for the nature, improves your health and helps you to save time from traffic. Bike-friendly cities are also among the best cities to live. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Seoul!

February 19 0 Comments

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. You’ve probably heard of the mobile phones, automobiles and other technologies of South Korea. Seoul is the heart of these technologies. How South Korea became the world’s technological giant is a different kettle of fish, but its capital Seoul is surely a tourist and youth attraction. It […]

Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in the World

February 11 0 Comments

Since the day cities became living organisms; thus changing, transforming, and feeling things, too, we people have assigned many adjectives in front of them. As cities makes us feel sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes mature, or sometimes childish, we have grown feelings about the way cities are. Here in this blog entry, you will read about […]

Best Australian Music Festivals of 2015

February 05 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “PAMXIR12″, get 7% discount” They do not say in vain that music feeds the soul. One of the best ways to take the pulse of some good tunes is to attend the festivals. Music festivals are literally an entertaining and satisfying way to enjoy your life-time favorite […]

Galapagos Islands: A Shelter for Iconic Creatures

January 30 1 Comment

  Do you recall Darwin? Galapagos Islands are always remembered along with one of the geniuses of all times, Charles Darwin, who contributed greatly to the evolutionary theory during his life. Charles Darwin sailed to the Galapagos Islands in 1831 and he made studies on the animals living there, consequently gathering a great deal of […]

Chinese New Year 2015

January 26 0 Comments

Not everyone in this world celebrates the New Year at the same day. For example, the Chinese have a different date every year (and we’ll tell you why). Let’s talk about the Chinese new year traditions. The reason for the Chinese New Year to have different dates is because they use the Chinese lunar calendar. […]

Upcoming Events in Scandinavia

January 22 0 Comments

  Considering the fact that Scandinavia is full of interesting events throughout the year, it seems like Scandinavians know how to enjoy their lives! You can find some of the popular events that take place in the Scandinavian countries around January and February below. Sweden Sweden hosts a leading film festival annually celebrated in Göteborg. This […]

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