Chinese New Year 2015

January 26 0 Comments

Not everyone in this world celebrates the New Year at the same day. For example, the Chinese have a different date every year (and we’ll tell you why). Let’s talk about the Chinese new year traditions. The reason for the Chinese New Year to have different dates is because they use the Chinese lunar calendar. […]

Upcoming Events in Scandinavia

January 22 0 Comments

  Considering the fact that Scandinavia is full of interesting events throughout the year, it seems like Scandinavians know how to enjoy their lives! You can find some of the popular events that take place in the Scandinavian countries around January and February below. Sweden Sweden hosts a leading film festival annually celebrated in Göteborg. This […]

Best Destinations for Valentine’s Day

January 14 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “PAMXIR12″, get 7% discount” Valentine’s Day is one of the most special and romantic day of the year. It is the day of “having a great time with your lover”! To make the most of your time together, we offer you some best destinations for couples (and […]

Destination of the Day: Carvoeiro, Portugal

January 14 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “PAMXIR12″, get 7% discount” Location, Climate Located in the shining coast side of Portugal, Carvoeiro is one of the best cities for the sea, sand and nature lovers. Despite the fact that it was a small fishing village, it has become a really popular place with various […]

What to Watch During Cold Winter Evenings

January 07 0 Comments

To choose a movie is always a challenge, but to choose a movie to watch at winter evenings is always harder to choose. Here are our movie suggestions for you to perfect a cold winter evening. Imagine a winter evening. It is cold outside. You’re inside your home alone or with your loved ones. In […]

The Carnival of Venice

January 06 0 Comments

The Carnival of Venice, also known as the Carnevale, is the world’s most sumptuous mask carnival. You could hardly see any other city in the world being more magically mysterious than Venice during the carnival. All folks in costumes and mask! Almost no one wears casual clothes. Now, we are going to try to provide […]

Traditional Outfits Around the Globe

December 31 0 Comments

The more the civilizations on earth are, the more the traditional outfits of the cultures vary. Humankind has had very diverse cultural differences and these cultural differences show their impact on everything including the clothing. One can deduce many things about the lifestyles, cultural values or financial status, or the level of development as a […]

Best Home-made New Year Dessert Recipes

December 30 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “SXMPYV90″, get 10% discount” New Year is the time for love and joy. And of course, for delicious tables. Desserts are the part where everything gets sweet, so they need to be carefully made and perfectly served. Desserts are one of the most amusing phases of special days. Pumpkin […]

Best Ski Destinations All Around the World

December 24 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “SXMPYV90″, get 10% discount” One of the best things about the winter is snow! The more it snows, the more joy we have. Ski centers are the best places where we can enjoy every bit of snow. Ski, sledge, telpher, chairlift, different tracks, green pine trees with white snow, […]

Northern Lights – When, Where and How?

December 23 0 Comments

“Book your room with Use that code “SXMPYV90″, get 10% discount” If you are visiting a country nearby the North Pole and if the weather is clear enough, get your heads up and look at the sky as you may witness one of the most eye-popping nature wonders that you will ever see for yourself. […]

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