5 Alternative Valentine’s Day Destinations

February 03 0 Comments

Bruges Hotels

If you are looking for a perfect romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day and you are not really impressed with the popular destinations that have become cheesy synonyms for the celebration of this special day, you should keep on reading this post because we are bringing you some awesome alternative solutions that may help you in […]

Where to Go in Winter 2016

January 22 0 Comments

Verbier Hotels

Some of the commonly asked questions when the winter months arrive are not really difficult to imagine: Where are you going to spending your winter vacation? Will it be a mountain or a beach? Well, luckily, it doesn’t matter if you are a snow lover or you prefer hot exotic trips to escape the cold […]

How to Pack for Winter Travel

January 14 1 Comment

Winter Suitcase

One of the most common problems when packing for winter travel is to achieve the balance between packing the appropriate things and saving space, because nobody wants to deal with the extremely heavy and bulky luggage. Probably the worst thing that can happen to you is to have the bulky luggage and still forget some […]

5 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World

January 14 0 Comments

Paris Hotels

Have you ever passed by some of the train stations and wished you could enter them and start your train adventure right away, or at least just to stand in front of them and admire their stunning exterior? We present you some of the most spectacular train stations in the world and it is up […]

Top 5 Most Visited Cities in 2015

December 25 0 Comments

London Hotels

Since the end of the year is coming, it is definitely a great moment to check the places that have occupied travelers’ attention during 2015 and gained the reputation of the most visited cities in the world, as well as to introduce some of the crucial reasons for their popularity. 5. Istanbul, Turkey The popularity […]

Do’s and Don’ts – Visiting a Buddhist Temple

December 18 0 Comments

Buddhist Temple

It is not unusual for tourists on their journeys to show their interest in religious objects, but when it comes to this type of tourist visits, you should have in mind some basic religious norms that should be fulfilled before visiting these objects, especially when it comes to Buddhist temples. Even though every region in […]

Best New Year’s Eve Festivals

December 15 0 Comments

Tokyo Hotels

A large number of people who have had the opportunity to spend a New Year’s Eve in some of the foreign countries will probably say that there is no more exciting holiday experience than merging with some other cultures and enjoying their celebration traditions. That’s why we’ve done a research to show you places offering […]

What not to do in Prague?

December 04 0 Comments

Prague Hotels

Even though at the first sight Czech Republic may not seem as an ideal place for your vacation, many of the people who visit this country, and especially Prague, become permanently enchanted by this area. In order for you to get the same impression, we have prepared some of the tips and tricks that should […]

Best Musical Cities in the World

November 27 0 Comments

Havana Hotels

When people choose their travel destination, their decision can be based on various factors. Some of these factors can be the climate conditions, available tourist attractions, natural beauties, social life, etc. However, if you are one of those who don’t go anywhere without their headphones and whose main goal is to enjoy their favorite music, […]

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